want to drive more direct bookings and increase profit ?

eNet Hotel Commerce Platform

eNet provide you eNet Hotel Commerce Platform, under your branding, sell to your direct guests, corporate accounts, Travel Agents, DMCs, Tour Operators, OTAs and 3rd parties, directly from your website, business is fully control your data to re-marketing.

Please talk to us, how to assist you or check out our eNet Hotel Commerce Platform client success at https://www.alagonhotels.com

    • B2C: Direct booking to website
    • Membership Loyalty: Earn Points when booking and redeem for discount or items
    • B2B: Register account with business license, get approved & classified as B2B, business grow to multiple sales channels
    • Mobile apps: While accept direct booking, apps also allow multiple type of login: membership, sub agent, wholesaler

Plus, you can enjoy booking direct from our marketing campaign and online ads

eNet Hotel Commerce good for:

  • Hotels and chains
  • Resorts and chains
  • Homes

Email us: sales@travelenet.com